Genuine Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Air Deflector

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Deflector - Suits PUHZ-BP ducted Units

Improve your air conditioning performance

Your air conditioner will not work if there is not enough airflow around the outdoor unit. A fence or a wall within 1.5m of the front of your air conditioning outdoor unit will cause serious performance issues, especially during High and Low temperatures (when you need it the most!). Performance can drop up to 50% with inadequate ventilation as the air recirculates, freezing or overheating the AC system. Fix this by installing a Magnetic Air Deflector. Improves airflow drastically by deflecting the air upwards away from a fence or obstruction. Our deflector is designed to be removable for access past the unit and can be removed and re-installed multiple times.

Divert unwanted airflow from balconies or entertainment areas

If you have an air conditioning unit installed on a balcony or within an entertainment area, you can now divert the unwanted air from the unit with a Magnetic Air Deflector. Deflect the air sideways or upwards at a 45 degree angle without affecting the unit's performance. AC covers can drastically reduce airflow and cause the unit performance to struggle, with a deflector, airflow is maximised while deflecting air away from your guests.

Features and Benefits:
  • Magnetic and removable to allow access past the air conditioning unit
  • Deflect air up and over a fence or obstruction to improve AC performance
  • Deflect air sideways to prevent unwanted air blowing at entertaining areas
  • Deflect air at a 45 degree angle, upwards or sideways
  • Perfect for rentals, can be removed and taken at end of lease
  • Will improve AC performance if your current air conditioner is close to a fence or obstruction
  • Our deflectors come in both single and Double fan options. 
Mitsubishi Electric Deflectors to suit PUHZ-BP Series Ducted Units. Please order 1 deflector per fan. If you have 2 fans, order 2 deflectors for your unit.
Please note - If you are unsure of sizing, please measure the width and length of the existing fan shroud/s and send it to us along with a front-on photo of your unit.