Measure your new filter

How to measure up for a New AirClean™ Filter

Getting the right filter to fit your home is super important. The right filter will allow maximum filtration of the air in your home. A snug fitting filter will help your family breath easy.

In order to select the perfect filter to fit your air conditioning system, there are some key points to check. This is easy and only takes a minute with a tape measure.

You only need to do this once........... the right filter size will be forever yours!

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STEP 1 - Measure:

Firstly, you'll need to work out the type of grille you have. There are 5 common grilles types shown below. Match your setup to one of the pictures. Measuring your filter is easy once you have worked out the type of return air grille you have. 

Simply work out what side is D1 and what side is D2 and you can match your measurements to the large range of AirClean filters™ in the next step.

Type 1 and 2
Type 3
Type 5

STEP 2 - Match

Once the filter has been measured, you can match it to the correct size filter below. Use the column 1 and 2 to find the closest match. This can be 1-2mm different to your measurements without affecting the filter fitment.

If you find none that match, your still covered....we can custom order any size filter you require!

Suitable filters for Grille Type 1
Suitable filters for Grille Type 2 + 3
Suitable filters for Grille Type 4
Suitable filters for Grille Type 5


If your unsure which filter is the closest match? Use our online filter calculator to work out the closest matching filter. Find the ACF Filter calculator here.


Once you have the right filter picked, head over to the order page, linked below, and select your filter from the drop down list.

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