Air Deflectors - Air Conditioner near a Fence or Obstruction

How can Air Deflectors help save you money and improve your Air Conditioners performance when installed near a fence or obstruction

Air Deflectors can help overcome issues with poor unit performance. If you outdoor unit is installed in a poor location, such as near a fence or close to another air conditioning unit, the unit performance can be greatly reduced. 


Air Bender Air Deflector removing unwanted hot air from a fence close to an air conditioner
If your air conditioning unit is installed close to a fence, the air from the outdoor unit will hit the fence and then bounce back towards the air conditioning outdoor unit. This will then be sucked back into the unit and cause the unit to overheat in Summer and Freeze in Winter. The air needs to leave the unit and then allow fresh air to enter the back of the outdoor unit. If the fence is too close the fresh air is displaced by the hot or cold air from the unit, causing air re circulation. The unit performance can drop by up to 50% due to the unit being installed too close to a fence, especially with new inverter units which will ramp down (drop performance) without faulting.
A deflector can be utilised to blow air upwards away from the fence. This allow the air to escape away from the unit and not hit the fence and recirculate behind the unit. Square deflectors can also be installed to blow sideways which can help in certain situations, such as when the outdoor unit is installed close to the eve of your home. The air is better to be deflected sideways rather than upwards where the air can deflect off the eve's.

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Your air conditioner will not work if there is not enough airflow around the outdoor unit. A fence or a wall within 1.5m of the front of your air conditioning outdoor unit will cause serious performance issues, especially during High and Low temperatures (when you need it the most!).
Performance can drop up to 50% with inadequate ventilation as the air recirculates, freezing or overheating the AC system. Fix this by installing a Magnetic Air Deflector. Improves airflow drastically by deflecting the air upwards away from a fence or obstruction.
Our deflector is designed to be removable for access past the unit and can be removed and re-installed multiple times.

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