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Air Diverters | Generic Air Deflectors - Screw to unit (not Magnetic) | 4 Sizes

Air Diverters | Generic Air Deflectors - Screw to unit (not Magnetic) | 4 Sizes

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Improve your air conditioner’s efficiency with an Air Deflector

This air deflector screws to the front of your unit and should be installed by a professional Air Conditioning Technician. DIY Magnetic versions can be purchased here 

Is your air conditioning unit close to to a walls, obstructions or fences?

  • The Air Diverters are an effective solution.

  • The air diverters are designed to direct air up and away from any obstruction at an angle of 45°.

  • Performance can drop up to 50% with inadequate ventilation

  • This prevents the hot air in summer and cool air in winter being recirculated.

  • For efficient operation and decreased running costs the outdoor unit needs to use fresh ambient temperature air, not recirculated air.


  • * Does your fan have 2 outdoor fans? You will need 2 deflectors.
  • If you are unsure of sizing, please measure the width and length of the existing fan shroud/s and send it to us along with a front-on photo of your unit.
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